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The state of Oklahoma has some of the harshest drug penalties for even first time offenders. That’s why you must not delay in finding answers to your legal problem when faced with serious legal issues raised by criminal drug charges of any kind. From the moment of your arrest, an aggressive Sapulpa drug crimes attorney is a vital asset to help you battle the system.

The team at Wirth Law Office – Sapulpa can advise you on those legal issues, actively and effectively represent your rights and interests, and give you the best chance of a favorable result.

Oklahoma’s Stiff Drug Penalties

Penalties for drug crimes cases in Oklahoma include jail time, substantial fines, years of post-release drug testing, probation, and becoming unable to possess a firearm legally. In some drug cases, the courts require that at least half of the sentence be served before becoming eligible for parole. Police and prosecutors aggressively pursue drug charges in Oklahoma, and courts routinely hand down severe sentences. When there is so much at stake, a skilled Sapulpa drug crimes attorney will advocate for you and the protection of your rights.

Misdemeanor Drug Crimes and Felony Drug Crimes

Only a few offenses – such as a first-time simple possession (amounts small enough to be for personal use), “huffing” (inhaling intoxicants), and possession of drug paraphernalia – are treated as misdemeanors in courts around Oklahoma. But as Sapulpa drug crimes attorneys, we’ve seen some cases where the sentences are up to one year in the county jail.

What you should know is that most drug offenses involve controlled dangerous substances, which the state considers marijuana in that category, along with prescription drugs, cocaine, GHB, amphetamines or heroin in the felony category. Those drug crimes could come with sentences ranging up to mandatory life without parole. If you’re arrested a second time for marijuana possession in Oklahoma, the court treats it as a felony, punishable by between two and 10 years in a state prison.

Confidential Consultation: Sapulpa Drug Crimes Attorney

Before you retain a Sapulpa drug crimes lawyer for any possession, distribution and manufacturing drug charge pending in Tulsa County or Creek County courts, find out if Wirth Law Office – Sapulpa has the services you need. When you walk into court, be sure you have the best legal representation available.

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