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Sapulpa Slip and Fall AttorneyA Business’ Basic Duty

When you visit a business in Tulsa and Creek counties, the owner needs to exercise reasonable care to protect you from potential slip or fall accidents with proper maintenance and care. If that did not happen and you’ve been injured it’s time you discuss your situation with a Sapulpa slip and fall attorney at the Wirth Law Office – Sapulpa.

If you’ve been hurt on a slippery floor, bad stairs or broken chairs, it’s not your fault when you are invited to someone’s place of business. If you slipped and fell down causing injuries because of their negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Sapulpa Premises Liability Laws

In the state of Oklahoma, premise liability law relies heavily on common law principles that provide varying degrees of liability. The court will look to see if the injured person was invited for commercial purposes (an invitee), for social purposes (a licensee) or for purposes of their own without an expressed or implied invitation (a trespasser) when deciding if there will be damages awarded.

All three categories could be entitled to compensation for damages. However, a property owner’s duties to a licensee or trespasser are somewhat less than a property owner’s duty to customers invited into their place of business for commercial reasons. That property owner or one who allows social guests into their property under the law has a duty to warn guests of dangers they can’t easily see. A Sapulpa slip and fall attorney can be helpful to see what type of class you fall into to see if the injury could be ground for financial compensation to cover bills, treatment and other financial losses.

Help with Medical Bills

People go to the emergency room to be treated for a fall more often than just about any other injury. That breaks down to more than 8 million Americans visiting the hospital emergency room every year. The medical bills may not have arrived in your mailbox, but they will soon, leaving you with a decision to make. It’s a decision that should not be made alone. That’s why a Sapulpa slip and fall attorney can help you see if the property owner could be held liable for your accident, helping to take the financial burden off your back.

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