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Sapulpa Child Custody AttorneyProtecting What Matters Most

If you’re considering divorce or have been filed with divorce papers by your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it’s time you contact a Sapulpa child custody attorney who can help you fight for what matters most in your life which is your child.

Under Oklahoma state law, the court will decide what is the child’s best interest when determining custody. Typical orders may allow joint custody, sole custody or in some cases, removal of a child from either parent’s custody. An experienced Sapulpa child custody attorney can aggressively work to make sure your side is heard by the court. When it comes to keeping an active role in your child’s life, it’s best to talk about your situation before it’s too late and the court’s heard only part of the story.

What Happens To Your Child?

That is one of the most common questions a Sapulpa child custody attorney at Wirth Law Office – Sapulpa hears from a parent. If you want to have a role in your child’s life, you need to make sure you attend all the hearings and make sure that the judge understands your situation. That’s where a Sapulpa child custody lawyer can assist with the court’s temporary order of custody. That order can be a road map for determining permanent custody, which is why it’s very crucial to present the situation early to the judge.

Whether you pay child support, assist with medical and child care, participate in school or sporting events and spend time with your child can effect a court’s eventual child custody order. Reckless behavior around a child can seriously diminish your chance of getting the best custody outcome for your child.

You may also be concerned about the other parent’s actions around a child, and not be certain what your rights are to protect your child when you aren’t around. It’s not a time for guesswork. A Sapulpa child custody attorney can help find answers to your questions and provide knowledgeable counsel about how to legally assert your role as a parent during what may be an emotional time.

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