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  • What are the Penalties for Cruelty to Animals in Oklahoma?

    Animals are vulnerable members of our society. Most of the time, we love and cherish them. But sometimes animals are neglected, abused, or mistreated. When that happens, for whatever reason, the law steps in. Cruelty to animals in Oklahoma is a crime. Cruelty to Animals in Oklahoma Defined Oklahoma law defines animals as mammals, birds, […]

  • How Serious is Prescription Forgery in Oklahoma?

    Obtaining a controlled dangerous substance by forgery is most often associated with prescription drugs. This crime can occur in a number of different ways, but the most common is to steal a prescription pad and forge a doctor’s signature or to obtain a prescription by other illegal means. Prescription forgery in Oklahoma is a serious […]

  • Carrying Drugs or Alcohol into Jail is a Crime

    It happens. A friend or loved one is in jail and asks for something to help take the edge off the experience. Maybe it is just a joint or a beer. Seems like it’s not too serious of a thing. Right? So you comply. However, carrying drugs or alcohol into jail is a crime in […]

  • Lewd Molestation of a Minor Under 16 in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma has a number of laws that protect children against sexual contact and abuse from an adult. There is some overlap in these laws, so a prosecutor in Sapulpa has a great deal of discretion regarding how to charge an adult. Most often though, lewd molestation of a minor under 16 years of age is […]

  • Assault and Battery on a Police Officer is Serious

    A police stop of any kind can be an unnerving experience. You can feel anxious, fearful, angry, or have any combination of emotions. And sometimes, these emotions can run high. When they do, it is possible for things to get out of hand and lead to assault and battery on a police officer. When this […]

  • Facing a Trespass After Forbidden Charge in Sapulpa: What Now?

    Trespass after forbidden is an odd name for a crime, but it is a crime in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Though trespassing may sound trivial, it can have some unexpected consequences. Oklahoma values property rights and an owner has the right, in large part, to dictate who may and may not come onto their property. As such, […]

  • How Serious is Malicious Injury to Property in Sapulpa?

    We often think of malicious injury to property in Sapulpa, Oklahoma as just a teenaged prank: dome graffiti on a wall, letting the air out of tires, or egging a car or a house. These are all examples of interfering with a property owner’s rights in such a way that it costs them money, time, […]

  • What is Threatening a Violent Act in Oklahoma?

    It is a Saturday night out at the local watering hole and things get out of hand. A person gets upset and threatens to punch out another patron. Is it a crime in Sapulpa? The answer is, maybe. Here is what you need to know about threatening a violent act in Oklahoma. Threatening a Violent […]

  • How Serious is Unauthorized Use of a Credit Card in Sapulpa?

    Unauthorized use of a credit card or debit card happens in this day and age. The same applies to the unauthorized possession of such financial instruments. Sometimes, it can happen accidentally. However, this is usually a type of fraud or theft. And Creek County, Oklahoma courts are cracking down on this crime. Unauthorized Use of […]

  • What Constitutes Oklahoma Child Abuse?

    Oklahoma child abuse is defined by numerous laws, and there is some overlap among them. All of the statutes are broad in their application. Thus, this allows prosecutors broad discretion regarding the charging and prosecution of offenders. Defining Oklahoma Child Abuse Oklahoma child abuse is defined as the willful or malicious threat of or actual […]

  • Defending a Shooting with Intent to Kill Charge in Sapulpa

    Shooting with intent to kill is a serious charge in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Read on to learn more about this crime. Shooting With Intent to Kill Defined Shooting with intent to kill in Oklahoma is defined as the intentional and wrongful firing of a firearm at another with the intention of killing that person, including an […]

  • How Serious is Possession of Burglary Tools?

    Being caught with burglary tools in your possession can get you into trouble in Creek County, Oklahoma. It all depends on what tools you have in your possession and your prior criminal history. If you or a loved one are being charged with this crime in Creek County, here are some things that you might […]

  • What is the Punishment for Petit Larceny?

    Larceny is Theft Larceny is not a word that we use very often, but Creek County, Oklahoma prosecutors use it a lot. This crime is a theft involving deceit or stealth. It is a technical term for theft. In Oklahoma, the crime is categorized into grand larceny, which involves a big amount, and petit larceny, […]

  • Larceny from a House in Creek County Oklahoma is a Felony

    Larceny from a house is against the law in Creek County. The crime is grounded in simple larceny, so you need to understand what larceny is in order to understand what larceny from a house is. What is Larceny in Sapulpa? In Sapulpa, larceny is the taking of another’s personal property through fraud or stealth […]

  • Reckless Driving is a Crime in Sapulpa

    Reckless driving puts everyone at risk, especially in Sapulpa. It is against the law in Oklahoma. A vehicle in the hands of a reckless driver may cause great harm or even death. Here is what you need to know about the crime and how it is handled in Creek County. Keeping Eyes on the Road […]

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